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AE86irl leaves its mark on Portlaoise

They say that good things come to those that wait and that certainly proved to be the case with AE86irl’s one and only meet of 2010. After trying to secure various venues and several false starts things weren’t looking good. But our determination paid off and with our newly appointed events team we managed to secure a date at a spot that is nothing short of a mecca for twincam owners! Just look at it …..

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Welcome to SC Auto Parts

Just like to give site member sc86’s latest business venture a long overdue pimp up. SC Auto Parts specialises in performance parts for the AE86 and other lesser Japanese machinery at the best prices with everything from clutches to bush kits as well as a range of used parts which can be delivered to your door.

Anyway best of luck to Stephen with his new business and show the man some support and get buying!!


Check out out SC Auto Parts Trader Section right HERE >>


Hello AE86 People of Ireland – today marks a very important day in the life of your favourite website! It’s the day we went live with our new site. I’m sure many years from now long after AE86irl has achieved world domination you will be able to tell your grandkids I was there when it all started……

But for now it’s just a case of taking one step at a time … the new site is still far from complete but we hope to get there over the coming weeks. So for the time being have fun with all of the newness and feel free to let me know of any bugs / glitches that you may encounter along the way.