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    Hi All,

    As I'm sure you are aware - AE86irl had become forgotten about in recent years. Social Media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have made Forum's like this look old fashioned and out of touch. There simply wasn't enough time in the day to read 200 posts on Facebook, post a picture of your dinner on Instagram, respond in 17 group chats and abuse Jason Hamilton on Snapchat.

    The activity on the site dwindled and over time hackers managed to find ways to breach the old software and use AE86irl to advertise penis enlargement products.

    Useful as the penis enlargement products may have been for certain members, Eventually even the hardcore remainers grew tired of it and the site became a ghost town.

    AE86irl was always my baby but I have been pretty busy with running a business and life in general so things weren't kept updated. I had hoped that someone would take over the mantle and it could become a useful resource for people who want to find out info (and there is a serious amount of it on here!) but nobody came forward and eventually I gave into the guilt and the peer pressure of people saying "When are you going to fix 86irl?" and have spent a couple of days breathing new life into the site.

    I'm really happy I took the time to do it as reading back over old threads made me remember what a hub of activity this place was, it was responsible for forming a huge community across our country and life long friendships all out of our love for a little 1980's Toyota. Its a testament to it that even today people still refer to other AE86 people by their username from the site!

    It has made me think that with all the bullshit that exists on social media sites now a days maybe AE86irl is more needed than ever for those of us who just want to spend an hour each day talking about our cars without having to scroll past all of the inspirational life quotes.

    It's on a brand new server, with brand new software and there will be an App to follow too very shortly to make things a bit more user friendly so stay tuned for that....

    I feel bad that I haven't done it sooner but I hope that people enjoy the new look site and that it can once again become a place for people old and new to share our passion for our cars.

    All the best,

    PS. There are going to be some bugs here and there but please let me know about them and I will fix them!

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    Itís all shiny and new. Well done Paddy.
    No Cam like a Twin Cam


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      Still has that new site smell lol


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        Great news Paddy. Looks slick also. I will update my Celica thread when I figure out the whole image hosting thing. Great to see it back!


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          Well done paddy looks good in here
          Originally posted by mouwt
          Fuck you!! Im famous!!! For being a knacker with a shit car!


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            Nicely freshened up paddy , is Tapatalk still an option lads ?
            sigpic Mayo is full of Junctions


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              wheres the diffin boys
              SC auto parts




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                Site looks well fair play


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                  Yayyyy good to be back
                  DONT BE TEARIN DE ARSE OUT OF IT

                  Originally posted by cloko
                  my god,wait till nikki see's them deep dish cherry blossom she's gonna have sum soggy knicker's


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                    Good to see the site back.
                    Would now be a good time to ban Kerry members?
                    Just a suggestion.
                    All in favour?
                    Carry on.


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                      hey you guys


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                        Outstanding work paddy nice to see site back in action
                        johnny ae86

                        some video


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                          Good to see the site back in action, feeling all nostalgic now
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                          Specializing in body repair & fabrication , full nut & bolt restores & light mechanical work.
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                            Deadly, fair play!!


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                              Deadly paddy! Fair play
                              Built Not Bought!