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Wanted AE86 parts (UK spec)

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  • Wanted AE86 parts (UK spec)

    Hello all,

    I?m actually new to this forum, so please bear with me and let me introduce myself.
    My name is Rizwan (Riz) I own a UK Spec AE86 (1984), it?s been parked up for a good few years in my garage and I have only fairly recently taken it out to get it all cleaned up and back to its former glory. The car at present is full red and will be going back to its original Black over red colours once all the work is done

    To give some history of the car, it?s been with me for just over 19 years. I?ve had some work done on it many years ago by putting brand new quarter panels (both sides) rear panels (both upper and lower (all Supplied by Toyota) the car was fully waxoyled so having had it parked in the garage has not affected the solid panels. In saying that the floor has given away in a few places for which it?s going to get welded and sorted.
    When I got the work done to the car back in the days, I was living in Bradford and now that I look back I really wish I hadn?t moved away from the Red over black and hadn?t painted the black plastics as now I?m trying to undo all that and am wanting to take it back to a more OEM look with some subtle changes.

    As I will be trying to keep it as OEM as possible with a couple of subtle changes i.e. slight lowering and some wheels (14?or 15?), from outside it?s pretty standard. Engine Wise I have sourced a 4A-GZE out of an AE101 (GT-Z 1992) which is pretty much the only major major change I will be doing on this car.
    I?m still at a fairly early stage on this journey so will need various parts as I go along as I pull things apart and back together etc so no doubt will be coming back to this forum for help from you guys.

    As it stands today I require the following

    ? OEM UK Spec Unpainted wing mirrors
    ? Side moulding for Quarter panel and front wing (early spec)
    ? Some Cloth from a UK Brown/Beige cloth interior ( I?m hoping to get even a small piece so then I can get some cloth sourced from fabricators to re-cloth all the interior)
    ? Rear beige brown door cards (UK-Spec) I did have mint ones but the bodyshop guy ?accidently put a wheel on it so it?s slightly crushed!

    The car was a good clean example before so hopefully I won?t need too much stuff, but as you can expect at a later date ie Brakes, suspension, bushes, diff(axle), etc will need sorting too but will get to that once the car comes back to me to be rebuilt mechanically.

    If someone could get back to me on the above, I would appreciate it big time.. I will post more Pics as I go along with it, the car is currently in the back of his garage so it's squeezed between a few other cars so excuse the not so brilliant pics

    THANKS guys!!
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    nice to see another unknown uk spec car still alive and being restored,you have it a long time,them panels you bought back then are big money now if you can find them today
    james mc gov on here should be able to get you some parts
    more pics please and good luck with project


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      yeah i know James and do chat to him on a regular basis to be honest, i've bought loads of new items from him so far
      Lights (front and rear)
      petrol tank
      rear spoiler
      front innner arches etc

      he's a sound bloke really is..
      but just thought i'd ask a wider community too