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You know your a Twin Cam Driver when...........

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  • You know your a Twin Cam Driver when...........

    When you know part numbers off the top of your head....

    When it feels like someone has died when you go into the parts department and are told something is discontinued.....

    You know the price of nankangs off the top of your head...

    you carry a spare distributer cap in you boot (For when the janny melts your other one LOL)...

    No Cam like a Twin Cam

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    you pass a cross roads during the day and know you will be back later haha


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      when you hear something from outside your window in the middle of the night and your upu like a hot snot to see if the car is alrite haha


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        You know who Sheamy in monaghan is.......

        All your family, friends, pets ect know your coming because of the bop off your janspeed.....

        When someone gets into your car and asks "whats that noise coming from the back"??? and you quickly and calmly reply "ahh its just the diff whining" lol....

        When you head straight into the shop on a Thursday morning to get the auto-trader just to nosey at what coupes are up for sale.....

        You never ever get sick of looking at test your diff 3 and retro....!!

        When you always carry a bottle of clutch fluid in your boot.....

        When you see a nice tarmaced yard and your whole face lights up just thinking of all the fun you could have in it.....

        When your driving up the road and you see another coupe you dont know and you swing around asap just to get a look at it....
        I Just Dont Do Front Wheel Drive(except EP70's)

        I RUST........ <--- click it!!!


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          You have your 3 year old that brain washed about coupes that you're trawling the net looking for a twin cam school bag!!!



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            you cary a healthy supply of cable ties in the door pocket

            and you have two warped thumbs from catching them on the steering wheel
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              -when ya know your chassis no. off by heart from ordering parts

              -when your sitting in the house an ya hear bop bop and your straight up to the window to see is there a new cam in town or jus sum of the lads.

              -when it seems like it was only the other day these 2 back tyres wer brand new


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                wen you feel the urge 2 stop drivin werever you are an get out 2 look at your jus washed corolla. or maybe thats jus me!! lol.


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                  when you go to a family wedding and all your relatives ask do you still have that old corolla with the loud exhaust happend me about 15 times last weekend lol

                  you dont know how to feel about or more rust ?

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                    when you spend ages on a saturday thinking will i drink tonight or spend qaulity time with the cam

                    when you wash your cam more than you wash yourself

                    when the price of petrol dont matter anymore its just fun juice


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                      when your on your 4th cause you can't get enough of them and you have a model car beside your bed


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                        when evetyone else hates when it rains and i smile lol
                        Selling everything PM me.


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                          -when u go to put something in da boot an remember ya cant cause uve 2 spare wheels and a trolly jack in there

                          -when ur faster then an F1 team changing da two back wheels

                          - when ur driving up the dual carrigway and some old fela pulls up alongside ya in an avensis with his son pointing over smiling from ear to ear an ya give them a lil bop bop and take on an they nearly blind ya coz there flashing so much

                          -when ya get harrased by the boys in blue

                          - when u end up on first name terms with the fella u buy tyres off

                          -when u got a shed full of spares an da ole fella cant get past da door

                          - when da ole fella says why dont ya buy a sensible car dat u wont be at all day

                          i like this thread alot
                          im joining the "4 more balls club" sigpic


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                            keep dem cummin sum funny 1's der.


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                              when your half asleep in the back of our horse truck and you scare the shit outa everyone because you jump up and roar cam and the closest car is a mile behind you yet it still turns out to be a cam...
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