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IMPORTANT..Please read, RSA consultation preiod on modified vehicles..

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  • IMPORTANT..Please read, RSA consultation preiod on modified vehicles..

    I am typing this offline as I need to post this on several forums. You will have heard of the RSA?s intention to introduce legislation to control modifications made to vehicles by Irish road users. This in itself is not a bad thing. None of use want our own health and safety or that of someone we care about compromised while cycling, driving or walking. All Irish citizens deserve to be safe when travelling on Irish roads and I very much respect this basic human right. Those of you who would like to see the proposal can do so here:
    The interesting thing is, that the RSA are asking the public their opinion on how they would like them to deal with this legislation. For once, the Irish authorities are giving the people effected by the proposals to air their views before they pass any laws. They may not pay any attention, but if you don?t make your feelings known to the RSA, you cannot very well complain afterwards when you find that your freedom has been impinged upon in some form or another. I have taken the time to summarise the main points of the proposal below, but I suggest you read the entire proposal incase my summary is in any way inaccurate. I don?t wish to bias your opinion with my own.
    1.Current Situation in Ireland
    There is no mode of control for vehicle modifications. It recants slightly and says there is limited control through NCT but a new car with modifications is no subject to scrutiny for 4 years. There is no distinction made between commercial modification ( adding seats to a bus etc. ) and sports modification ( lowering suspension, tinting windows or adding bull bars to an off road vehicle ). It is noted that modifications must be reported to insurance companies. The issue of undeclared modifications voiding insurance is hinted at though not stated?voided insurance claims cost the state money. I don?t know how the levy we pay on our premiums to cover uninsured drivers is appropriated ( read drivers who?s policies are voided for reasons major and minor ) or indeed if this goes anywhere near paying the annual bill for such incidents. Rest assured, the insurance companies won?t loose out. You pay for all their other bad investments too.

    Descriptions of the systems used in the UK, Australia and New Zealand ( it is mentioned that addition of ?racing seats? are listed in the New Zealand model, meaning it would be considered a serious modification to change the interior of the car) are given.

    The two proposals for an Irish model by the RSA are:
    1. Self Declaration by Owner
    2. Introduce a dedicated approval process for vehicle modifications.

    Proposal 1 states that the owner declares the modification to all relevant authorities and must also prove safety and correct standard of work and provide supporting documentation. Draw backs are that a vehicle owner may not possess the technical ability to correctly assess the changes etc. Also, penalties for not declaring modifications correctly would have to be ?severe?.

    Proposal 2, would seek to ensure that the modifications are flagged to DVCSD and NSAI ( National Standards Authority of Ireland). The vehicle is called for inspection to a test centre. The results are reviewed and a pass/fail cert is issued. No detail of how long this process will take. It stands to reason that the vehicle is not road worthy until the mods are approved. You may even have to trailer the car to the centre?none of this is clarified, but all of this is quite possible. It also states that the guidelines a modifier must adhere to is the original manufacturers design specification, meaning all modifications would need to be approved by the original manufacturer?image writing to Toyota asking them to approve the fitment of RX7 callipers!...the easiest answer is ?no? regardless of weather they actually care what you do with a 30 year old car or not.

    ?Modifications that may have an influence on certain safety critical features of a vehicle should
    always be certified by the original vehicle manufacturer (e.g. modifications to a vehicles braking
    system). This will require the vehicle modifier to engage with the original vehicle manufacturer to
    ensure the work they carry out is in accordance with manufacturer?s requirements and would not
    negatively impact on any of the vehicle?s safety critical components or systems. Only the vehicle
    manufacturer would be able to confirm this.?

    Appendix 1 & 2 detail common modifications?it?s ALL in there lads, including welded diffs?upgrade LSD?s?.extra gauges?the lot. There is a template to fill in and return. Please do this, pay particular attention to areas where you are asked to comment. Do so intelligently and usefully. Be realistic. We need to get this right. I will post my completed questionnaire after I get a response from the RSA as to why it?s only available as a .PDF. As in, if I convert the template to a word file, will they accept my comments?...this happening lads, please respond and let the RSA know how you feel.

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    I have sent them this and I'm waiting a response, does anyone know a better way?:
    Hi there, I notice that the Consultation on Vehicle Modifications questionaire is only available as a .PDF file. What is the correct format to repond via email as I cannot modify the .PDF file? Is there a coresponding word file that I have missed, or do I need to print the questionaire and send it by post?,
    Many thanks,


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      Can you give me a link to the PDF file Dave, they aren't content with leaving anything alone - It defeats the whole purpose of the NCT deeming if a car is safe/roadworthy or not. They won't be happy until all of the young people in this country are in OZ and the few poor lads that are left are riding around on bicycles.


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        I must have a read of it, and email in a response. No doubt 90% of it is a load of nonsense, thought up by some man in office who can just about grasp how to drive a car.


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          Link to PDF:

          Nosense or not, this is comming lads. The consultation is no doubt some form of legal requirment. They don't have to listen to the public though. EVERYBODY needs to see this and be effects every car on this site. Sports seats are a modification as they were not the original seat that was fitted during crash testing etc.


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            i could see this been the end for alot of car enthusiast's! having to get a report done for every modification by a garage will get very costly and not to mention alot of the time they seem to do more damage than good! and then there is haveing to write to toyota bmw ect to get it approved! what a load of bollix! at the rate things are going we will all be in boring 1 litres! or on pushbikes! weather we like it or not!

            alot of this has to do with tax losses from cars with engine conversions id say aswell!
            its totaly unnesasary the nct is enough! if they deem a car road worthy then that should be enough!
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              so far as i can tell the modifications boy racers I know of make there cars slower,this is what ive seen,when cars reach a certain age its hard to tell what was what,as for bigger brake discs ect, the people who do this generally dont have any idea of manufacturer intended brake bias ever was.its really hard to say which side is right,for me I hate both the boy racers and the prudeish guttless types equally,really they need each other to balance out roughly in the middle,either way whatever is on its way will result in increased revenue for your chosen oppressors i mean government
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                That's fucked! They are going to get busy bodies saying anything not OEM is dangerous and should be illegal.
                How can the public give an uneducated opinion on vehicle safety if they couldn't point out a component if asked to.
                Surely it's ghetto mods like cut springs etc. they should be concerned with.


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                  Will pre 80 nct exempt cars be exempt from this?


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                    No they won't, this applies to ALL modified vehicles, comercial,,bike, lorry....but this is only a draft proposal. The actual regualtions could turn out to be different.


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                      So basically if this goes ahead my mantas a track car then,

                      Engine, brakes, seats and body are all modified so thats a bit of a kick in the balls!!


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                        most people will stop modifying, it will put some places out of business i would imagine as they would be not selling so much modified products, exhausts allloys etc..

                        its basically going to be a money making scheme and even if your car passes this new test you willl probably still have to put it through an nct centre!!