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Genuine toyota parts reproduced???

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  • Genuine toyota parts reproduced???

    Hiya lads,

    Im fairly new on this site but been around twincams for years and a good few of ye will know me from this and that but here's the craic.

    3 Years ago i got a thing going between myself and toyota ireland to get toyota to reproduce parts for the ae86 and i eventually had to knock it on the head due to lack of interest cos back there there was no owners clubs or anything like that. But have a look at this link. I done it mainly thru what was at the time and if ye have a look at this link it will explain all of what i started doing

    I then put up this thread after having the meeting with toyota ireland so have a read of this too

    I know that some of ye are probably not members on that site but i would appreciate it if ye could register with the site and have a read of the two thread cos they will make for some extremly interesting reading for all ae86 heads.

    It was said to me 2nite about getting this going again (thanks Dave) and id be more than willing to get back in touch with your man and prove to him that there is genuine interest in it. Back them when i was doing it there was no owners club like this so maybe we could get it going again lads what do ye think. As i mentioned ill get back in touch with your man as he did tell me to get back in touch when i could prove there was interest.

    All comments good/bad/indifferent are very very welcome guys.



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    As Aedan said - this idea is just being thrown out for public discussion at the minute. The last time it turned into nothing because lads weren't bothered to get off their arses and do something about it. Hopefully now that with the site and the following that we have here we can make a better go of it.


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      Had a read over both threads there,that sounds the job olrite it'd be great to be able to get most panels new from toyota,then we could restore our pride and joy to its original condition..good stuff Aedan
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        Fair play Aiden .What a great idea you got my full support & if you need help just ask.From bien up in toyota on training corses & the like I find that most of the lads up there are intrested in cars & a good few into motor sport .& i thought you wer just a pretty face


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          anything that i can do to help from the inside i will ive already got whats left available for lads on the site, and im fairly handy on my parts pc and can find alot of parts still lurking up there. my boss (mr.linders) would also help out im sure as hes into classic toyotas and is always chatting to me about my cars etc. hope some of this helps

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            Good man mark thats what we need..a man on the inside haha
            TEDSPORT DRIFTING its a trueno thing


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              great stuff, how about getting them to make new shells?
              I'd pay!!

              Seriously though, try get them to reproduce the genuine UK spec boot door stickers too

              (pity they didnt see the meet in Kilkenny that time, that is as much proof as you need that the twincam (and Toyota in general) is alive and well in Ireland)
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                Id be behind this all the way


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                  good stuff lads, will we put together a list of whats wanted?


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                    Emailed Toyota way back when we did that before Mak. Here's what I said....

                    "To Whom it may concern,

                    I am writing to you to express my views on the aftersales parts available for the Corolla GT, AE86 model.
                    Firstly, before you think I am just "some young fellow" spouting on, I have owned my Corolla GT for the last 7 years and hope to keep it for many more years to come.
                    I have decided to do a full restoration of the car as some of the panels are susceptible to rust in our climate and have been purchasing parts over the last year or so for it.
                    Besides the fact that parts are so expensive, a lot of the panels are "No Longer Available". If I've heard that once I've heard it a thousand times. If this was some back street motor factor you'd understand but this is from the company that have supplied the car in the first place...!!! I would have thought that, most of these unavailable parts being major parts of the car (mostly rear panels, Quarter panels, inner arches, back panels etc), they would be still available through the Main Dealer, or have Toyota completely abandoned our AE86 Corollas..??? I think it is just scandalous that Toyota can just stop making spares for this car. What other dealer would do that..?? You can still get spares for old Fords and Opels etc..
                    My local dealers Parts Dept. has been fantastic, Keary's of Midleton, Cork and I would highly recommend them and their Parts Sales Person. He is really clued in to what you are looking for and does try extremely hard to get the parts and leaves you know exactly what is happening with the parts on order. But sometimes he is just fighting a loosing battle trying to get stuff.
                    I was trying for the last two years to get a drivers side Quarter Panel for my car and couldn't get one through Toyota. I eventually found one that had been bought over two years ago and never used and paid about 3 times the normal price for it. Basically if someone had mangled this panel my car is a Write-off for the sake of a 300 Euro panel from Toyota.
                    At that rate I will only be able to take my car out of the garage and drive up and down my drive way for fear someone might crash into me.
                    Any information you can give me on the availability, or lack of availability of parts would be appreciated. Also, a parts number list and pricelist would be of great assistance for future purchasing.

                    A reply would be greatly appreciated..!! "


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                      And the reply.

                      "-----Original Message-----
                      From: []
                      Sent: 17 October 2003 155

                      Dear Sir,

                      We thank you for your recent email regarding the difficulty you have experienced in sourcing parts for your Corolla GT Coupe. Please be advised that we are currently investigating this matter in conjunction with our Parts Department and Toyota Europe, who are our direct suppliers. We have also received a number of similar observations from fellow enthusiasts and we can assure you we are endeavouring to provide a update as to the availability of parts for this model.

                      I will advise you directly as soon as I have any further update...

                      Kind regards,

                      Marc Heaney,
                      Toyota Motor Centre,
                      Toyota Ireland.

                      Tel. +353 1 6670966
                      Fax +353 1 6670967 "

                      And nothing after that...........


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                        i think we should defo start at em bout it again, theres enough of us here.


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                          @ joey mac, you may order 2 quarter panels in advance of the inevitable:)

                          great idea lads, hope toyota give it the go ahead
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                            how many people are actually going to buy stuff, because that's what will make the difference. 1000 cam enthusiasts saying its a good idea won't make any difference, its a simple thing, if they really believe its financially worth their while to remake stuff then they will, if not they won't.


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                              dont need the 1/4s myself at the minute so wont commit to that but any idea how much they would be if they were got? plus, cant they be ordered from a Japanese chassis no. anyway?
                              Scrap cars removed within reasonable distance of Galway, PM me :) Especially Rovers!!