The new face of the twincam ?

Toyota has recently released a teaser shot of it’s new spiritual successor for the AE86, the FT-86 II which is due to be debuted at the Geneva Motorshow on the 3rd of March. This car will be an evolution of the original FT-86 concept which has been doing the rounds for the past couple of years and will hopefully be closer to a production ready car.

Rumour’s are that it will feature a 2.0 n/a Subaru Boxer engine (boo!) and a RWD layout (win!) … If they can recapture any of the magic that made the AE86 so special then they are onto a winner. By the looks of things all will be revealed soon…..


3 thoughts on “The new face of the twincam ?

  1. Stef

    Why dont they just leave them as they were & reproduce the exact same model with a few extra modern goodies?! i hate the ft-86!

    1. Logger86

      You might hate the new Ft 86, well i’ve got worse news for you i was in O’ Mara Motors Limerick last week and got taking to one of salesmen and he reckons that the asking price will start at shade under 42,000euro as the car will be marketed under the LEXUS Brand name, rather than Toyota


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