Operation rip off motorists underway…

From midnight tonight 45 new Gatso vans will be placed on our roads in apparent attempt to clamp down on road deaths. (Even though road deaths have fallen significantly over the last few years). All claims that these cameras are just another way to bring in revenue from unsuspecting motorists are of course strongly denied….. (Yeah right we believe you!)

If we were to really focus on road safety then surely the best course of action would be to ship uncle gaybo off to the nearest retirement home and invest some of the €65million euros that these cameras are costing into improving our hopeless road network or getting more guards up off their arses to breathalyse drink drivers. But then again where would the profit come from ?? and it could mean that the gardai might not have as much time to devote to solving more serious crimes such as an illegal number plate font or tax disc which is 3 days out of date.

Lets face it it’s far easier to put the blame of every road tragedy firmly down to speeding then to analyse the real reasons – with uncle gaybo at the helm all of the moany OAPs who love this kind of thing will lap up his every word and the government will make a few bob in the process …. winner !

Anyway – here is a map of where you are likely to find these mobile cash machines (allow a minute for it to load.)  Keep an eye out and stay safe.


View full screen version.

One thought on “Operation rip off motorists underway…

  1. nikkiroku

    well written ,, im shocked at how many are gonna be on the roads …. fuck im gonna have a fuck load of lates for college ha .


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