Cars and Coffee – Portlaoise March 2012

Hi All

As the winter draws to a close and our cars come out of hibernation, we thought it would be a good time to try something a little bit new. Cars and Coffee meets have been run successfully the world over so its about time we gave an AE86irl its first one!

It will take place in the midway food court in Portlaoise on March 11th @ 1.30pm.

We will have a professional photographer present on the day –  so its a good chance to get some cool shots of your pride and joy!

Hope to see you all there and all going well AE86irl Cars & Coffee meets could become a regular thing 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cars and Coffee – Portlaoise March 2012

  1. ger

    You might need to talk to the rally of the lakes event org as they are planning in conjunction with the garda a major clamp down on what they call boy racers. Roomer has it locally that Garda helicopter and rapid responce units will be down there for the weekend. A friend of mine is One of there club members and he told all that has been spoke about at the last 2 clubs meeting is dealing with boy racers . This being such a good cause i would love to be part of it but the last think i need is have to pay 125 euro to get my car back in killarney if there is going to be that much of a clamp down on us down there .Maybe you should talk to the org or the garda and tell them what yr doing a run for charity so as you wont be harrased down there all weekend?? What do you think ?


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