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The new face of the twincam ?

Toyota has recently released a teaser shot of it’s new spiritual successor for the AE86, the FT-86 II which is due to be debuted at the Geneva Motorshow on the 3rd of March. This car will be an evolution of the original FT-86 concept which has been doing the rounds for the past couple of years and will hopefully be closer to a production ready car.

Rumour’s are that it will feature a 2.0 n/a Subaru Boxer engine (boo!) and a RWD layout (win!) … If they can recapture any of the magic that made the AE86 so special then they are onto a winner. By the looks of things all will be revealed soon…..


Happy 86mas

Just a quick one to wish all site members a very happy Christmas and a great 2011…

As far as the site goes we ended 2010 on a big high so we are looking forward to carrying that into the new year and if everything goes as planned 2011 will be marked down as ‘Year of the twincam’ in Irish history !!

So to keep it short stay safe over the holidays especially on the roads and on a personal note I would like to appeal to all members not to forget that there are some who are less fortunate this Christmas ………………………………………..

So please find it in your heart to donate a part to your nearest Toyota in need…



Operation rip off motorists underway…

From midnight tonight 45 new Gatso vans will be placed on our roads in apparent attempt to clamp down on road deaths. (Even though road deaths have fallen significantly over the last few years). All claims that these cameras are just another way to bring in revenue from unsuspecting motorists are of course strongly denied….. (Yeah right we believe you!)

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