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AE86irl raises money for theft victim

For those of us who like cars, and in particular those of us whose car cannot be replaced by simply hopping onto DoneDeal for 10 minutes the thoughts of having your car stolen is pretty much as gut wrenching as it gets. It is unimaginable how it must feel to know that your pride and joy which you have pumped countless hours of blood sweat and tears into, gone hungry to buy parts for and has given you so many good times can simply be taken by some scumbag without a moments thought.

Mark a member of the AE86irl admin team had to suffer this and whats more he had to witness his AE86 go up in flames in a botched theft attempt at the hands of some jealous, mindless wastes of space who have accomplished nothing in their lives.

As a community AE86irl felt Marks pain and came together with the help of Seamie in Premier Performance Cars (who kindly provided a raffle prize) to contribute what we could and to show support and help in some small way towards his next project.

If there is any good that can come out of something like this its perhaps further proof as to what a great community we have here, that even in times of recession people are willing to dig into their pockets to help another member out. And it may just be the trigger that some people need to beef up their security.

Thanks again to all who donated to Mark and make sure to check out site traders for all your AE86 needs.