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FT86 II Promo Video

Here is a promo video released by Toyota Europe which features the FT86 II drifting … how cool is that !! A car developed from the outset with drifting in mind … Nice one Toyota!!

Further technical details are a bit vague but we do know that it will be powered by a N/A 2.0 subaru derived boxer and it will be mated to a proper 6 speed manual gearbox with no flappy paddle crap! Toyota have also said “the mechanicals have been kept as low as possible in the car, as well as between the front and rear axles, to help maximise the car’s agility and sporty responses

Production will start late this year – no indication of an Irish price has been released yet but we are looking at a sub £25k price for the uk market.


Production Ready FT86 revealed

Well guys here it is, The final draft of the spiritual successor for the AE86 … an evolution of the original FT86 the FT86-II. The FT86II boasts a much more agressive stance to the original concept but sticks with the same front engined RWD platform.

No final details have been released about the powertrain but as the concept has been developed in conjunction with Subaru it is likely that it will feature a revvy N/A boxer engine positioned to give optimum balance with hotter versions available down the line.

European release is set to be Mid 2012 with those pesky Japanese getting it a bit earlier. I don’t think it will ever recapture the magic of the hachiroku, but Toyota taking a break from electric ecoboxes and delivering an affordable RWD sports car is something to definately be excited about.

So who is going to be first on the waiting list ???