Monthly Archives: December 2010

Happy 86mas

Just a quick one to wish all site members a very happy Christmas and a great 2011…

As far as the site goes we ended 2010 on a big high so we are looking forward to carrying that into the new year and if everything goes as planned 2011 will be marked down as ‘Year of the twincam’ in Irish history !!

So to keep it short stay safe over the holidays especially on the roads and on a personal note I would like to appeal to all members not to forget that there are some who are less fortunate this Christmas ………………………………………..

So please find it in your heart to donate a part to your nearest Toyota in need…



Welcome to SC Auto Parts

Just like to give site member sc86’s latest business venture a long overdue pimp up. SC Auto Parts specialises in performance parts for the AE86 and other lesser Japanese machinery at the best prices with everything from clutches to bush kits as well as a range of used parts which can be delivered to your door.

Anyway best of luck to Stephen with his new business and show the man some support and get buying!!


Check out out SC Auto Parts Trader Section right HERE >>