Monthly Archives: November 2010

Operation rip off motorists underway…

From midnight tonight 45 new Gatso vans will be placed on our roads in apparent attempt to clamp down on road deaths. (Even though road deaths have fallen significantly over the last few years). All claims that these cameras are just another way to bring in revenue from unsuspecting motorists are of course strongly denied….. (Yeah right we believe you!)

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Mondello gets 86’d

For Irish AE86 fans It’s hard to imagine a better scene than standing at the pit wall in Mondello Park watching a mix of our island’s finest hachi’s flat out to the backdrop of screaming 4age’s all in different states of tune. To put it quite simply it was a bit special….

The day was organised by AE86irl’s very own Nikki ‘resident waffler’ roku and the majority of the machinery out on track belonged to site members with only the odd inferior manufacturer car spoiling the harmony!

To cap things off the weather took a break from it’s usual pissy wet October self and the sun came out setting the scene for some 86 mayhem ! Continue reading


Hello AE86 People of Ireland – today marks a very important day in the life of your favourite website! It’s the day we went live with our new site. I’m sure many years from now long after AE86irl has achieved world domination you will be able to tell your grandkids I was there when it all started……

But for now it’s just a case of taking one step at a time … the new site is still far from complete but we hope to get there over the coming weeks. So for the time being have fun with all of the newness and feel free to let me know of any bugs / glitches that you may encounter along the way.